Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm in trouble....

My sweet hubby got me some new toys for my photo shop program for my birthday. I just got them yesterday and I stayed up till 12:30pm playing with them! They are so fun, lots of great color tints, textures, etc. I've been playing with all kinds of combinations. I was supposed to be cleaning my house and getting ready for my b-day scrapbook party tomorrow, but I keep getting distracted by my new toy! Here's a little sample.

The before shot:

and here's the after:

I love this present!!! I have a feeling my hubby might not think it was so great if I stayed glued to this computer all day and night though!

Well I'm off to scrapbook tomorrow. My best pal Jami is having an all day girls scrapbook party for my birthday! I'm so excited to spend the entire day and night scrappin away with my friends! Hopefully I'll have lots of fun layouts and projects to share with you on Monday! Thanks so much JAMI!!

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