Monday, March 21, 2011

craft room

Hello! Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I thought I'd take a second to share some of my latest finds for my craft room. (by finds I mean things I'm drooling over and wish I had...;))

Ok, so I found all of these at Laurie Ann's Vintage Home. It's a super cute shop, you should be sure to check it out.

Look at this awesome rack! I want it to sit on my scrapbook desk to hold my must have handy tools, embellishments, inks etc. So stinking cute!

I love these chalkboard hooks. They would be great for display or hanging favorite ribbons and trims. I would also love these for my entryway, pantry (how cute would these be for holding aprons), and mudroom.

... now I am happy to say that these beauties are actually mine. I ordered 2 of these mercury glass pendant lights a few weeks ago. They came last week and I was soooo excited when I opened the box. They are beautiful... even better in person... and to top it off the lovely Laurie Ann threw in a freebie too! A gorgeous mercury glass candle holder. I will definitely be visiting her shop again!

Hope you like my finds! Have a great day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Counting Down the Days!!!

Oh man oh man... I can HARDLY wait for the Farm Chicks show this year! It's terrible! I mean June is a not exactly around the corner and yet I find myself daydreaming about this amazing event. If you have never been you should make this year your first visit.(I say first because once you go you will want to come back every year) Go here to the website to find out the details and then check out the Farm Chicks blog on my blog roll to the left. If you love vintage, shabby chic, junkin, chippy paint on old furniture, glitter, and sometimes find yourself daydreaming about all the things you could do with some chicken wire, hot glue and an old window frame, this show is for you. NO ONE will look at you like your crazy when you pick up that beat up old milk pail and take it home to turn into a planter. No one will doubt your intelligence when you spend money on that adorable old beat up bench with 3 layers of chipping paint. They will smile, wave, and say, "Ohhhh that's soooo cute! I'll take it if you don't want it!" It really is a junker's paradise. Then of course there is the whole girls weekend, no husbands or kids to look after, no housework or cooking to do, out with my best friend having fun, laughing, and relaxing all weekend long. Unless of course we both spot that perfect vintage treasure at the same time... then it's every woman for herself! ;) Ok enough daydreaming, I'll just have to wait till June like everyone else!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Scrapbook Organization

Hello there! Well I don't know about you, but spring always makes me think of organization projects and right now I have scrapbooking on the brain. I just discovered an awesome way to organize my digital scrapbook products so I can be way more efficient. I'm using Picasa, it's a free photo editing and storage program you can download off the Internet, if you aren't already using it. I got the idea to use it for my scrapbooking supplies from this little tutorial on the Design House Digital website. Go here if your interested. It is working great for me!

I'm also trying to figure out how to organize my scrapbook supplies in our new house. I'm a little slow these days, so I JUST realized that when the house is finished and we move I will have almost NO scrapbook storage. Right now I have wonderful white cabinets that my hubby put up for me, but when we sell the house they go with it. So I'm on a major hunt to find some cheap and cute storage. Any ideas? I'd love to hear what you use or where you found some great pieces! The thought of having my stuffed piled on the floor makes me want to cry! ;)