Monday, May 3, 2010


My hubby is so sweet! I am not a car person. Honestly I could care less what I drive as long as it gets me from point A to B. There have only been 2 cars I've ever loved and neither are very practical. I really want an old pickup, to be more specific I want a Ford or a GMC 1948-1955. (the other car is a convertible slug bug) I just think they are so cute! I've always admired them, but lately my hubby has been talking very seriously about them. He's even been looking for them on line. (Which is where the photo of the truck above came from) They are a little spendy because most of the time they are tricked out like hot rods, but mine doesn't need to be that fancy. I love this one he found. I especially love the aqua color and the fact that the chrome has not been painted. He found a really cute green one (a GMC) with the wood slat bed and it's great too but even more pricey. My dear hubby keeps hinting that it would make a great Mother's Day present, but I think for now I should just keep dreaming! What are you dreaming of?


Jenn :) said... cute and fun is that?? not a kid hauler that's for sure!! lol We have one...a '53 but it needs to be fixed up it's definately not tricked out!! Keep us posted!!

Mrs. Meek said...

Hello, my friend! I know you are super busy right now, but this blog needs some attention! I rely on you to inspire me...and yes, it's all about me... Love you!