Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet the Ladies

A couple of months ago my hubby announced we were headed to the feed store to buy chickens. We had been wanting to get chickens for a while, we had just planned on doing it after we moved... but I guess waiting isn't our thing so one rainy May Day we arrived home with 4 baby chicks and 3 ducklings.
here they are then....

... these are the lovely ladies now: meet Ginger, Tillie, Coco, Lucy, and Mickey.

We also acquired some Big Ladies from a lovely family who was moving and had to get rid of their coop and flock. This is Ethel.

Boy oh boy it's hard to keep track of all these names! I can't believe how well my children do it. They love the chickens. They spend hours with them every day. In no particular order here are Tinkerbell, Belle, Peaches, Big Red, Pepper, and Fluffy. These lovely ladies delivered us our first eggs yesterday. So far the kids have brought in 7 eggs in the last day and a half. They are going to sell the some around the neighborhood to earn some extra money. This whole chicken experience is really amazing for kids! I love it!

...and this crazy lady or gent (were not sure yet) is Fern. He is our resident foofy chicken. Not really good for egg laying, but fun to look at. He/she is a super nice chicken and I think were are going to let the kids enter him/her in the fair this year. Don't you just love the crazy hair do?

I couldn't resist showing a baby picture of those "lawn ornaments" I posted the other day. Here are the fellas as babies! Soooo cute! Can you see why hubby and I couldn't say no when the kids were begging?!

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deb said...

We are doing chickens next year. Glad to see it's a good experience for the kids. What a fabulous blog!!