Friday, June 4, 2010

woohoo we come! My pal Jami and I leave today for the Farm Chicks show and a MUCH NEEDED girls weekend. There will be coffee, SUPER FAB JUNK SHOPPING, laughter, good food, great company, and plenty of relaxing too! 4:00 just can't come quickly enough... of course my to do list before I leave is about 14 miles long... so maybe 4:00 can take it's time.

Today is also the last day of school for my big guy. WOW, I can't believe his first year of school went so fast... scary fast. It's been a great year though! I've really been looking forward to having him done for the summer... I really miss having him around during the day! :) Congrats my big guy on your first official year of school!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back next week with some great Farm Chicks photos!.... oh and say a little prayer for me... hubby, the kids, and a crew of friends will be trying to paint our house this weekend...(it's been raining here like crazy and we haven't been able to get it done) we need good weather and I REALLY NEED THE INSIDE OF THE HOUSE TO BE IN GOOD CONDITION when I get home Sunday night because a Realtor is bringing a potential buyer by to see the house Monday. Jami, be prepared... I may be calling you in a panic after I drop you off Sunday. ;)

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