Monday, December 14, 2009

My oh My!

Where is December going? I can't believe how fast it's flying by! I've been having major Internet problems... something with our new anti-virus software and the connection to our office computers... I don't know it's beyond me. Long story short I have not had consistent Internet in over a week, so all my Christmas plans for my blog and shop came to a standstill. I never really realize how much I rely on this computer until it's not working. I've been able to get online with our laptop, but as far as access to my photos, files, etc... I was getting worried I wouldn't be able to get our Christmas cards ordered! I think/hope all the kinks are out now, thank goodness!

I thought I'd share some Christmas decor today. My house always looks so full this time of year, and I'm really enjoying it! Especially because when we take all the decorations down it looks so naked! ;)

This snowman is new to my collection this year... isn't he great!?!
This is part of a vintage inspired decoration I made. I was a super fun tutorial in Sommerset Magazine. I just love crafting with crepe paper!
My children just love these mittens. This year my son hung the up and filled them with "scraps" from our Christmas tree.
I love my Putz houses! I have a huge village that my Grandma passed down to me. I just love seeing bits of her collections around my house. My favorite decorations are the ones passed down through generations!
Lots of sparkle and glitter!

Head on over to my shop and check out the Christmas goodies. I'm working on a few more things today and I'll try and get them listed soon!