Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer PLEASE stay...

don't go yet. We are not ready. I don't want to appear to needy, but we have not had enough of your loveliness. I know... we have had a lot of fun. We have traveled, had visitors, frolicked in the wilderness, swam and sunbathed, played and laughed ourselves silly, stayed up late, and slept in.

We have pushed schedules and to do lists aside and enjoyed all you have to offer... but I say again we are not ready to say goodbye. Just a bit longer please?

...because when you go this year you are taking 2 of my babies with you. That dreaded date, August 25th, is close on the horizon and when it arrives I will lose the best you have to offer. Time with my kiddos. You see, dear summer, when you leave they go back to school and I'm just not ready. Little Miss starts Kindergarten and Big Brother moves onto First Grade... Little Brother and I will be so lonely for them.

So you see dear summer, why we need you to stay a bit longer. Maybe you could add just a few more hours to each day, stretch them out a touch more? 2 1/2 months is just not enough!

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