Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Treats

I saw this adorable idea on the Farm Chicks blog. That Serena is so clever! If you like me, you've been seeing all kinds of "lollipops" appearing lately from paper lollies to ones made of cake. Well when I saw these Brownie Pops on Serena's blog I just had to try em. My version is a bit different from hers, mostly because I forgot I was supposed to be making this treats for my kids Awana class until late in the day. I didn't have time to let the brownies cool all the way before dipping them in chocolate so the kinda fell apart instead of holding their square lollie shape. So I grabbed some red candy melts from the cupboard and drizzled away. Then I added some fun Valentine sprinkles, wrapped them in cute polka dot bags and tied em up with curling ribbon. They turned out pretty cute for a rush job and the kids LOVED them. I think I'll make some more for school. What Valentine treats have you been making?

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