Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A little scrapbooking

This last weekend was an extra long one for us. The kids school had parent teacher conferences last week so they basically had Thurs.- Mon. off. It was so nice! We hung out with family, kids played with their cousins, we spent lazy days reading and playing playmobil, we picked stuff out for the new house and spent an afternoon there, we built snow forts, tunnels, had a snowball fight,made ski jumps in the back yard, and I even got some scrapbooking in. So I thought I'd share some of the layouts I did.

I'm done with 2008 and halfway done with 2009... and boy oh boy it's feeling soooo good to get caught up! I'm always so worried I'm going to forget the stories behind the pictures (the stories are sooo important to me) so it is such a relief to be getting these older ones done before the memories become to faded. Good thing I often make little notes about events ect as they happen.

So I'd love to know... you scrapbookers out there, are you like me? Are you years behind with mountains of photos on your computer that you haven't even gone through? Or are you on top of things with only a few months worth of photos to print and scrap? If you are the latter, please let me know your secret! I just hope it's not "take fewer photos," because I'm pretty sure I'm beyond help on that front! ;) Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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Cara said...

Missing you! Maddie is so beautiful! Give all of them, you too!, love from me!