Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello there! Well we're back from a wonderful vacation in Disneyland! It was super fun and such amazing weather! It was around 78 while we were there. So warm and sunny, we kinda forgot we were coming home to Montana winter. Yah, I kinda convinced myself it was spring... then we hit the tarmac and the blustery 21 degree temperatures of home. My 3 year old was so convinced it had been summer that when we got back to our house, he told me we'd better get the Christmas decorations back out cause summer was over already and winter was back. ;) Anyway more on the trip later....

I thought I'd share the Valentines I made for the kids to give away at school. The kids help me make em in Photoshop. They picked out different digital scrapbooking supplies, colors, etc... it was lots of fun. (Well it was fun after I started over and asked them to help when they got home from school. Before that I was being Miss Picky Pants and spending way too much time on the design.)

Here is what we came up with for Parker:

and here is Maddie's:

The little aqua gal in the corner is Maddie. I used that silhoutte brush I made a while back. Man I LOVE those!!

The kids have been busy filling out names and signing them this week. This weekend we are going to punch some holes in the corners and use curling ribbon to tie them to Valentine suckers the kids picked out.

I just love Valentines Day! The kids are having some friends over this evening and I think we'll all make some Valentines cards and treats as a surprise for their parents. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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