Monday, March 12, 2012

Inexpensive Wall Decor

Happy Monday! (I really don't like Mondays that much but I thought I'd try to talk myself into some enthusiasm. ;)) I thought I'd share some easy and inexpensive artwork I made to hang above the landing at the top of my stairs. The wall was in desperate need of something besides the nails left in the wall from Christmas decorations in December. So a couple weeks ago I decided to just start tinkering around in the craft room and see what I could come up with using things I had or could make. Cheap and easy.

This is what I came up with: (please excuse the bad photos... there is just not a lot of great light in my stairway!)

I had some empty white picture frames to work with, so I made some goodies in photoshop with our names and year we were married, added a scripture, printed them out cut em up, and sewed em into a little banner. I strung the banners inside the empty frames.

Then, using some silhouette brushes I made of the kids a Christmas or two ago (I gave a link to the tutorial on this blog somewhere) I made a little piece of artwork. I printed the silhouette art out and mounted it to a canvas, added a little punched sheet music flower, a covered brad, and hung her on the wall.

I also printed a vintage bird cage image onto some old sheet music and hung it up with some lace ribbon and mini clothes pins. I had this cute little bird hook thingy that I had gotten for my birthday and it went up there too. Now I just need 1 more thing to go above the 2nd frame.... maybe something with an oval shape... hmmm... ideas anyone?

So there you have it some cheap and easy wall decor. I've been making some things for the kids bathroom and a few other places around the house so maybe I'll share some of those later.

Have a great Monday!!

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scrappy chic said...

Holy Shmolly Lady...Your BACK!!! Yeah!!! Cute project!