Thursday, November 19, 2009

My little cutties!

I know Halloween was a while ago, but I couldn't resist sharing my little darlings! This probably is the last year that I will get away with dressing them alike. This year we had the characters from Peter Pan in our house! My hubby even got into it with a pirate costume (complete with one of my fancy sparkly earrings which he is never going to live down ;)).
Darling Peter! Oh how I miss those curls... I gave in and finally got Connors hair cut. sigh...
Lovely Tinkerbell... I think her favorite part was the glitter spray we put in her hair. She loves glitter even more than I do!
...and the fearless (and very handsome) Captain Hook! It was a stressful day for the Captain, big events always throw the poor kid for a loop!

Don't forget about the big Christmas update coming to my Etsy shop! It starts the Monday before Thanksgiving. There will also be giveaways, fun gift making tutorials, decorating ideas, holiday recipes and more on the blog, so STAY TUNED! Sneak peeks coming tomorrow!

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