Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy crazy crazy!

My sweet Maddie girl!
Oh my what a whirlwind! We got back from our WONDERFUl vacation (more on that later...) and I got hit with a terrible cold/flu/stomach bug. I'm finally starting to feel normal again but now I'm soooo far behind. The bookkeeping is piling up, laundry, housework, the kids have Valentines Day parties to bake for and Valentines to be made, errands up the wazoo, orders, and hubby is out on a business trip! Yikes! I'm hoping to get my Valentine goodies in the shop before it's too late! Good thing we scrapbookers have to wait until the holiday is over to scrapbook it! I'll be in and out for a bit trying to catch up! I'm hoping to finally get some scrapbooking done too. I have lots of inspiration, like the picture of my daughter above!

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