Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I think we're finally really going to do it. This year we are going to build our little "farm house" (as the kids call it). We bought a beautiful piece of property a few years ago and have been waiting for the "right time" (really is there ever the perfect time for such an undertaking??) to sell and build. We have a floor plan in mind, and now we just have to get it to our guy who's going to put all our ideas into one cohesive home. I've been looking at and looking in magazines, books, and on-line for a long time for inspiration, ideas, and must haves for our home. It's very exciting!! These are 2 kitchens that I just love. I love the darker floors with the simple white cabinets and black/dark grey counter tops. So elegant, classic, and simple. I also love the idea of painting the island (see the blue island in the 2nd photo) in an accent color... definitely going to do that too... and WHOO HOO!! I think I finally convinced my hubby that we should do the white "subway" tiles as a black splash. See the long skinny white tiles in the first photo. I just love them!! It's a good thing I've been working on converting him to my style for some time now. He is always a little slow to come around. I don't know about your hubby's but mine always says, "I don't care, decorating is your department," and then disagrees with every decision. :) If he could design the our house it would be floor to ceiling dark wood, timbers, big beams, rock work, dark leather, with a gazillion deer, elk, etc mounts hung on the walls. For me it would be a bit like a gigantic animal tomb. Don't worry though, he will have his own man cave in our home.
Love these floors and counters!!
These simple cabinets are great!
Well here's hoping this is the year we really get to do it!


scrappy chic said...

nice kitchen, neighbor!!! hopefully!

Pamela said...

Oh...congrats...sounds exciting! :)