Friday, January 14, 2011

I feel pretty...oh so pretty

Ok, well I don't exactly feel pretty, but my camera sure does! I had to share this because I'm just so darn excited about it and I thought some of you might want one too! I take my camera with me all kinds of places but I get soooo tired of packing my camera bag and a purse whenever we go somewhere. I don't have a ton of camera equipment but I have a Canon digital SLR with a couple of lenses so I cant just stash it somewhere easily. So my WONDERFUL hubby got me this great camera bag/purse combo as an early birthday present. It came this week and boy I am so stinkin excited about it!!! It has padded movable dividers inside meant to hold my camera, lenses, charger etc and places for a wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, etc. and the huge bonus is it's cute and looks like a purse! WHOO HOO!
It's really comfortable and has a couple of strap options... very nice for a bag full of heavy stuff.
Great adjustable insides.
A serious upgrade don't cha think? (Old camera bag on the left)
Thanks sweetie!
Ok so here are a few links for some cute camera bags:

Jo Totes

Epiphany Bags

I have a few more but cant find em! I'll check the laptop and share later. Have great day!

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