Tuesday, August 25, 2009

His First Day Of School....

I just can't believe 6 years has come and gone so fast. When Parker was born I thought school seemed so far away, now I can't believe it's here. Everyone says it's the hardest to send the first child... I hope they are right! Being a stay at home mom, it's so hard to imagine Parker being away all day 5 days a week. Montana does all day kindergarten now. He was so excited! He had his outfit all laid out the last night and he actually took time to fix his hair this morning. He said goodbye to his brother and sister about 20 times. "Bye Concon (aka Connor), you won't see me very much now. I love you!" "Bye Mado (aka Maddie) will you miss me cause I'm going to be gone a long time?" It was cracking us up! We didn't realize we were sending him away for so long!:) I kept reminding him you'll be back this afternoon hon, but he was so excited I think he would have packed a sleeping bag and stayed there if we'd have let him! :) We took him to his class, met his teacher, and he said "OK Mom, you can go." I however, was not as nearly as cool and calm as he was. I fought tears, while I convinced him I'd just stay a few more minutes for some pictures. I'm SO PROUD of him! I watched other kids cling to their parents, cry, and try to escape as my Parker walked over and started chatting with another boy... and even though it hurt like crazy, I am so glad he is a confident kid ready to take on the world (aka kindergarten). I wore my big dark sunglasses and tried not to think about what was going on as I headed off to the parents meeting. I'm pretty proud of myself, as long as no one asked how I was I held it together. Of course now that I'm home... :) well that's another story. For all you other first timers out there today, my heart is with you!

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