Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh my DIY!

We are constantly up to our eyeballs in DIY projects around here it seems. We have been in the process of redoing the kitchen, our kids rooms, the deck, finishing projects in the family room and dining room...the list goes on and on. (oh, now I have decided to bite the bullet and swap the playroom and office/craft room because the latter has really outgrown it's space. Jami... are you out there... you wanna help??? ;)) Anyway, I digress... I wanted to share a cute little picture I made for my daughters new room. It is a pink poodle ballerina room... she chose the theme herself. I think it comes from a combination of her love for pink, ballet, Fancy Nancy, and the fact that she somehow thinks that poodles really are pink. She cracks me up, when I was making the sign she kept telling me "I think it needs more glitter"... All my life I have detested the color pink, but now it's starting to grow on me, as if I had a choice since Maddie fell in love with the color at age two and the obsession has never wavered! ;)

I used a 10x10" canvas as the base for my project. I love to use them for projects like these. You can also mount your scrapbook layouts on them to make some non-traditional artwork for you home!
The ballerina is an old cake topper... I'm kinda obsessed with them. I use cupcake picks in lots of projects. Something about them just makes me smile.
I used lots of vintage goodies from my childhood on this project. The pop pearl necklace, the rhinestones, and the pink beads were all part of my grandma's collection of jewelry I used to play with. After she passed away, I found the jewelry in the back of a closet in the same red box she kept it in for me as a child. She had saved it all those years! It makes me SO happy that it now has a home in my daughters room! I also used some vintage mica flakes, old lace, and some millinery flowers off of an old hat. It was a really fun project to do and a great creative release from all these DIY projects! ;)

I've got some new things happening in the shop this month, so stay tuned for some previews!
Have a great day!!


Diana Fisher said...

This is just lovely! Makes me wish Nate was a girl...

scrappy chic said...

Yes,...........I'm out here but......i'm unavailable for about 2 months!!!! LOL! call me

scrappy chic said...

really cute sign for maddies room!