Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok, I know I have been very lacking on my blog lately, but I have been busy getting ready for some local holiday shows. I have lots of ideas to show you, I just need to get the photos taken! I still have lots of new stuff for the shop too, so I gotta get all that listed as well. I have been a crafting machine, so as soon as I get my camera out :) I will have all kinds of goodies to share. So, for tonight I will just leave you with a preview of a fall project I'm working on. I'm using these photos to decorate a cute little oval plaque I got. I'm making it into a fun fall wall hanging to go with the fall banner I made in my class with Candice Carpenter. I will show you photos of the finished projects very soon. Your definitely gonna want to make your own, and the great thing about fall decor is that it can stay up for several months! (Which I love, cause I just adore fall!)

So here are the photos I'm using. I used my photo editing program to crop them in tight and used the saturation feature to take most the color out. I wanted them to be a little more colorful than Sepia or black and white. This way they all compliment each other well.

Oh, it's so hard to get your kids to stop making those cheesy camera faces. :) They are either total hams or want nothing to do with it. But that's ok, cause I really prefer candid photos anyway...or at least that's what I get the most of. :)

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