Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Surprise is Waiting.....

Wow! I just realized I am almost at my 100th sale! I thought I would commemorate this exciting event with a little something special for that 100th customer! I'm going to giveaway a super fun sampler pack to that lucky person! It's gonna be filled with some of the yummy goodies I have in the shop and a few new ones I'm working on. I'll post a photo after I get one taken. Speaking of photos, I have been so frustrated with photographing my Pink Owl goodies lately. The wonderful natural light that summer brought streaming in through my windows is gone. I don't get enough natural light anywhere in the house to get good photos. I can go outside, if it not raining or too windy, but the Montana winter is coming.... I'm just gonna have to get creative I guess! So anyway, long story short, please forgive the not so great photos for awhile. :) Good luck to that 100th customer, whomever you may be!

I thought I share some etsy love today too. Here are a few fab things I found for fall:

Gotta luv these cupcake picks!

This little bird is just too sweet with his acorn hat!

I love banners and this fabric one really caught my eye for fall. Love the colors.

These pumpkins are so adorably shabby!

Wow! There are sooooo many amazing artists on etsy, be sure to go and check them all out!

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Anonymous said...

Yay!100 sales! That's wonderful!