Thursday, June 18, 2009

Farm Chick Fun

Ohhhh, I've been such a bad blogger! Things have been so busy, summer is in full swing.... BUT I'm making up for it today with some great eye candy from the Farm Chicks Show! I seriously can't wait to go back next year. My pal Jami and I decided next year we definitely need more spending money, a truck and trailer, and we're going to treat ourselves to a nice hotel with a hot tub for our aching feet and backs after a long day of junkin! :) It really is an amazing show. We both felt like we wanted to move into the great booths there. Besides Jami, there aren't a lot of people our "circle of friends" that understand my madness for vintage. We laugh about it a lot because people are always raising their eyebrows at us when they see an old window frame hung on the wall or a stack of old suitcases. We didn't even get 2 steps in the door before we knew we found our kinda people at the Farm Chicks! :) hahaha! we go!
Here we are sitting with all our goodies after day one of the show.

Everything was so beautiful. We just walked around oooohhhhing and ahhhhhing for the first hour or so before we finally decided we had to pick 1 place and start shopping. :)

I love old clocks! Don't they look so great sitting there all together like that!?! I am definitely going to start collecting my own little group. Just one more thing hubby will harass me about. :)

See what I mean? This was like grown up Disney Land! How could you not be happy looking at these beautiful goodies!

Oodles of yummy vintage seam binding!

Isn't she lovely? Ohhhh, how sad I am that she is not mine. I fell in love with this little cake server as soon as a saw her, but alas she could not be mine. I was running outta cash by the time I found her and she was a bit outta my price range. I hope some lucky gal is adoring her right now!

Sparkle and shimmer everywhere!

Look at all those wonderful vintage frogs! Another thing I want to collect to use as picture and scrapbook stands.

Genius idea! Use an old wire canner and canning jars for a wonderful set of vases! So pretty! My peonies are in full swing right now, pictures to come another day, wouldn't they be pretty displayed like this!?!

Look at that blue! Ohhh so pretty paired with the red and cream! I may have to do this in my kitchen! It could really use a little spruce!

I loved this booth! It was so amazing to look at! See, there is an elusive dress form! Neither one of us gals wound up with one, so we are still on the hunt!

Why yes they do! I snagged a few little goodies that would be great for scrapbooking and altering things, and since there is enough to share I'll list some in my shop for you!

So pretty! They were ladies walking around with these big wonderful "skirts" all over the show. Some gals had wonderful hats, some had adorable altered prize ribbons, others had amazing brooches they had made. We decided were going to make us something fancy for next year too! :)

This is one of my favorite purchases from the show! It's a sweet little granny cart that I bought to hold all my goodies while I shopped. (Note the adorable blue handle...) The ladies I bought it from were the best! They run the Salvage Studio and it was an amazing booth with great prices. Now that I've got Lulu home, yes I named my cart, I'm going to make an adorable liner for her and use her at the farmers market and for storing extra pillows/blankets in my family room.

Here we are just before leaving the show! If you are like us, and these pictures look like your kinda paradise you have to go to the show next year. The people are wonderful and it is just such a fun atmosphere. It's in Spokane Washington... go check the website out!

Well bless you if you made it through that long post! I told ya I'd make up for being gone! I've got more to share later, (like the AMAZING bracelet I bought from Beth Quinn at Beth Quinn Designs- another great gal!) but for now I gotta run and get breakfast started before those kiddos wake up!


junkrescuerbeth said...

I loved your post about the Farm Chicks show. It really is the best around. Lulu looks so happy with you. Can't wait to see her spiffy future liner at next year's show!
Beth of Salvage Studio

Jenn :) said...

So glad to see you blog again!! :) Looks like paradise...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that blue cabinet!! :) So sorry about the dress form..dang it!! Glad you had a nice time!!

Anonymous said...

We're so glad to hear you visited the show! And yes! It sounds like you need to get yourself a luxury hotel room next year, for sure! :)
Take care,