Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Inspiration

So today's Christmas inspiration is all about decorating deals. I had to share these little vintage look-a-like bargains I got recently. The first comes from Target's dollar section. I got these fabulous sparkly gold bottle brush trees for $2.50! What a steal! They are pretty big too, I think they are around 7-8" tall. I love bottle brush trees. I have a collection of actual vintage ones that sit with my vintage Christmas village that my Grandma gave me. (I'll share that another day, you can actually find a lot of the houses on etsy. You may want to start your own collection.

Lovely aren't they?

The next deal I found came from Lowes. I know, of all places. :) I found these sparkly trees for $6.50 in the Christmas section. They were 50% off! I love the color, they are a mix of gold and silver glitter, so they remind me of the way silver glass glitter looks once it has tarnished with age. (The photo doesn't really do them justice, sorry!) The little snowman is also a favorite of mine. My Mother-In-Law and I share a love of old things, so she always sends me the most wonderful vintage/vintage replica decorations every year. I always look forward to seeing her latest finds.

So if you like these goodies, head on down to your local store before they are gone! Oh, and Target also has the most wonderful replicas of vintage mercury glass decorations. They are beautiful! I can't wait until they go on sale! :) If you have any wonderful holiday deals you'd like to pass along leave a comment here to share!

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