Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Birthday Special....

Happy Wednesday! Well today is my birthday and since I'm feeling rather spoiled, I thought I'd spoil my customers too! Everyone who purchases something from my shop today will get an extra goodie in the mail. (hint hint some of my new journaling cards...) I'm just feeling so extra special today because this is what I came home to last night:

My mom offered to watch the kids last night so my hubby and I could go on a little early birthday date. Well little did I know that she and my wonderful kiddo's planned a little surprise party for me! (My son Parker loves to throw surprise birthdays, too cute!) When we got home from the movies I found my kids waiting at the kitchen table with presents (Grandma took them shopping so they could pick something out) and cupcakes that they had decorated. The cupcakes were covered in sprinkles, candy and Oreo cookies, the kids ideas of course. They were so proud of themselves! They even did all the frosting. I was showered with "I love you mama" as I opened the cards they made me and their gifts. It was soooo special, I cried my sappy little heart out as I opened them. How sweet of my Mom, she's an amazing lady! It was so great to see how happy the kids were to do something for someone they love. Sigh.... I'm so very blessed! So that's why I'm passing some onto you!

Ok, I'll stop being sappy now! Here are those new chipboard blossoms I've been mentioning. They will be going in the shop this week, so watch out! I just love how they turned out. If you have a particular color combo you'd like, just convo me in the shop and I'll whip some up for you!

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Laurel (shreve6) said...

Happy Birthday!
Don't you just LOVE those special moments that make the job of mothering so worthwile? I do!