Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simple Things...

I am not hard to please. Simple things really make me so happy. That's why I'm sharing this with you today! Look at these beautiful vintage flower bouquets! So bright, colorful, and delicate! I could just eat them up! I got these in the mail the other day and I just had to take a picture of them. I know, call me crazy, but I was literally doing a happy dance as I opened the box.

These flowers remind me of crafting with my Gram when I was a little girl. She had tons of these flowers (what I wouldn't give to have them now...) and we used them for everything. We used them to make bouquets and window boxes for my dollhouse, on ornaments, and anything else they could be glued or tied to. I loved playing with them. I can remember thinking how special they were as they sat in a little "vase" on my dollhouse table. I still love them today, maybe even more so because I now longer have my Gram around.

Now I get to use these beauties in fabulous scrapbooking and collage projects! I just can hardly wait! Have a wonderful day everyone! Be sure to get some of the Christmas photos scrapped for the challenge! (see previous post)

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