Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Valentines Day Traditions

Since we were talking about the importance of scrapbooking your family traditions yesterday, I thought I'd share one of our Valentines Day traditions today.

I made little mailboxes for each one of our children and one for hubby and I to share. Then the week before Valentines Day I put a card, a sweet, or surprise in their mailboxes each day. My kids absolutely love this tradition; it has become one of their favorites. I think they love the idea of getting their own mail! They are so excited about each card and goodie. Since this is so popular in our house I decided to make a few mailboxes for my etsy shop.
This is the Froo Froo Mailbox. It's super girly and a bit over the top, but really how can you have too much floof for Valentines Day.

This is Cupid's Mailbox, it's going in the shop today. I just love that little vintage cupid image, too cute!

Be sure to start some fun Valentines Day traditions for your family! I'll be sharing more of ours as we head into February. I'd love to hear yours to! Leave a comment and share your fab ideas with us!

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