Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm sooo happy...

Yes, I must say that I am so happy that when I found these marvelous vintage Valentines at an antique store that I bought all they had. At first I picked out a few of my favorites, but when I started to walk away I thought better just get all of them, who knows when you'll find more. I have so many projects in mind for these little beauties. Some of them may even pop up in my etsy shop because I have enough to share! :)

Just imagine all the possibilities: scrapbook page embellishments, wall hangings and all sorts of Valentines day decor, make them into tags for Valentines gifts, or just the way they are as an extra special Valentine. I can hardly wait to get crafting with them!

Wow! Are any of the rest of you having a hard time staying on track with the Christmas photo challenge? I have to fight to keep from getting distracted by Valentines day goodies! :) (see previous post for info on the challenge) I'd love to see what you've done so far or hear about your progress, so leave a comment here! I'll be sharing more of mine this week.

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