Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine Mailboxes

How is everyone today? This is one busy weekend for us! So much to do! I'm hoping to get a little more scrapping in amongst the chaos cause I have to get some more Valentine goodies made!

For a while I think my hubby thought I was a little nutty, starting all these crazy traditions right after my first son Parker was born. I know he was too little to remember when they started, but now they have become such a part of our family we look forward to each and every one. I loved our family traditions growing up, and it's just so important to me that my kids have those wonderful memories too. So now I'm always coming up with new fun traditions that we can share!

Today is the 1st day of our Valentine mailbox deliveries. I had the mail boxes all set out and ready to go for the kids when the got up this morning. We love this tradition! Every day for the next week (until the 14th) each of my children and my hubby will find a little goodie in their mailbox. So I thought I'd share the little goodie bags they got today!

If you'd like to start this little tradition for someone you love, I still have a couple of mailboxes for sale in the shop. Lots of other fun Valentine goodies there too, so check it out!

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