Monday, February 2, 2009

Show and Tell

I know, I'm obsessed with vintage ephemera but I just can't help it! I mean the graphics, the colors, the detail... sigh, so lovely! Seriously, in 60-70 years, what is going to be so great about our Hannah Montana or Power Ranger Valentines? Not much I tell you! :)

So I thought I'd share a some wonderful illustrations from a 1940's early reader book I bought at a thrift shop.

I love the idea of taking books like this one and making them into artwork. Taking something that would normally get tossed away and giving it a new place it so great! What cute signs and decor these illustrations would make for a child's bedroom or playroom.

My favorite part about this particular book is that it's a teacher's addition, so the teacher, Ms. Larson according to the note on the back, has made all kinds of notes in the book. She let her students leave her little notes as well. It's really fun to read them, see how she taught, what they were learning, how the children "spoke" etc. I love history, even these tiny overlooked pieces of it!:)

Be sure and check my shop today, I'll be adding more of the Shiny Buttons including some vintage sheet music patterns, and there might be some more Valentines goodies too! :)

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