Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Sign

I know Valentines Day is over, but I had so many things I wanted to make and with the Christmas Photo Challenge I just couldn't get them all done before the 14th. No big deal though, cause I decided I would work on some of them this week. I left my handy storage tub that holds all our Valentine decorations out so when I'm done I can pack them all away for next year. When I get it out next year it will be filled with new decorations! Fun! (see how good I am at making myself feel better about it! :))

This Love sign is one of the new goodies I've made.

It was so super simple to make, I thought I'd share it with you. I just stitched cute polka dot fabric to some chipboard I cut to form the base. Then I added some journal paper, the circle letters which I crumpled and inked, and then stitched it all onto the sign. I added the vintage pink fringe, a white silk flower that I inked, and a fluffy tulle hanger.

Quick, easy, and cute! My hubby looked at it and said "that's nice, but it's very fluffy." (think he meant really girlie) I just smiled and said it's a "fluffy" holiday. Hope all of you had a great Valentines Day...and before you pack up those decorations, make a few more to add to your stack next year!

Be sure to stop by my shop today, lots of new goodies going in this week!

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Catherine said...

This looks really pretty for a wedding, too.