Monday, November 10, 2008

One crazy day....

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I didn't get my holiday craft or photos posted today! My kids and I all seem to have the same cold bug. We were all dragging today and not much got accomplished. I just got the kids to bed, so I thought I'd jump on to tell you I hadn't forgotten. :) So here's a little teaser, I'm gonna show you how to make some wonderfully easy star Christmas ornaments that would look great on your tree, strung into a banner, or hanging in front of a mirror. I have a GREAT new trick I just learned for making glittery polka dots. It's gonna be fun! Hopefully we will all be feeling better tomorrow. Well I'm off to take some cold medicine which always knocks me out even the non-drowsy, go figure. My friend Jami gave me some non-drowsy cold medicine at the craft show and woo, she was really laughing at me! :) Anyway, I hope to be back for some fun tomorrow!

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