Friday, August 15, 2008


I love Etsy! I love that there is a place us crafty people can go and it's like a year round 24/7 Arts and Crafts Fair! I have met the nicest most amazing people there too! If you haven't ever browsed around you definitely should! I though I'd take a minute to show you a few of my latest discoveries that are on my must have list!

First I got this cute little hair clip from It looks so sweet in my daughters hair! You should go check her out!

I also have to show you these super cute school file folders! They are just perfect for storing all those special pieces of artwork, report cards, etc. Man, I really need to get one of these, my son is only in preschool and I have mountains of papers! LOL, maybe because I'm a scrapbooker, and we tend to save everything! I found them at

Now for all you gals who do craft shows, I have to say I want one of these super cute handy dandy aprons! I found them at

And finally one more...this gal does the most amazing artwork! It is so perfect for a child's room! There is one that reminds me so much of my daughter I can't wait to buy it! I found them at

Ok everyone have a great day! I'll be adding lots of new items to the shop over the next week so be on the watch!

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Layli*Bug said...

She is absolutely adorable!!! And the bow is so cute on her...I'm glad yall like it!

Thanks again and have a great weekend!!