Monday, August 25, 2008

Photo Editing Tricks and a Shop Update

I am by no means an expert on photo editing programs, but I thought I'd share a few more easy tricks I was playing around with. These photos are from our recent visit to Greenbluff Farms.

For this photo, I used the color saturation option. I took some of the color out of the photo (if you take it all out it becomes black and white) and then I bumped up the red tone to create a kind of pinky hue to her skin. I wanted it to look warm and soft and similar in color to the berries themselves. Super easy!

I just love these baskets! I wish I could've brought them home with me! On this photo I used the saturation again to take some of the color out and then I also removed some of the brightness. This gave it a softer faded antique look that suited the worn baskets so well.

These wheat fields were so beautiful, and they went on forever! In this photo, I increased the brightness then I decreased the contrast to give it a softer look. The more you decrease the contrast the more it looks like you have laid vellum over your photo. Kind of a cool look to play around with.

On this last photo, I wanted to jump up the color and really make it look bright and fun. I wanted that berry stained face to jump off the page. I bumped up the contrast and the color saturation until it was the way I wanted it.

Just a few simple ideas that can make your photos look a little different. I have said before that I have the most basic editing program, but it's fun to play around with different looks.

I'm adding new items to the shop today and tomorrow, so check it out!

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