Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday's Giveaway Winner!

Dun Duh Duh DUUUNNN! ...and the winner is Amber! Congrats to you! I'll send that cute little cherry card your way! (just convo your mailing address to my etsy shop :)) HOORAY!

Ok, be sure to come back later today everyone. I'll be putting up a new giveaway. I'm also going to do the "item of the day" again. So if you happen to purchase the "special item" then you'll get an extra surprise goodie in your package!

I'm planning to add lots of new goodies today, that is if my computer stops giving me fits. It's not too happy about the ammount of photos I happen to have stored on it. :) I guess my computer just doesn't realize how addicted to scrapbooking I really am. :)

See you later for another giveaway!

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